SOLISCA Soil Biology Analysis

SOLISCA provides an indication of the presence of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes in soil or compost. The presence of these microorganisms is directly related to soil health and soil fertility. The results of the analysis will be displayed in the Soil Life Score Card. Would you like to know what the condition of your soil biology is? Request an analysis here.

A method that provides profound insight into the condition of your soil biology

The importance of soil biology

There are billions of microorganisms in a teaspoon of healthy soil. All these organisms play a unique and essential role in the soil ecosystem. In a well-functioning healthy soil, the microorganisms are diverse and abundant.

Plants and soil microorganisms are closely connected in a symbiotic relationship. Plants release sugars obtained from photosynthesis into their rootzone. These sugars attract bacteria and fungi which, by interacting with other microorganisms, provide the plants with all the nutrients they cannot get from photosynthesis. Apart from feeding plants, a healthy soil microbial community provides all kinds of ecosystem services. It ensures the build-up of soil organic matter, makes good soil structure, improves water storage capacity, and sequestrates carbon in the soil. In addition, it increases plant resistance to diseases and pests, and improves yields. These advantages result in less work and lower costs for farmers, horticulturists, landowners, and greenkeepers, since less irrigation, less fertilizers and less interventions against plant diseases are needed.

The Soil Life Score Card

You can view the results of your analysis in the Soil Life Score Card, after registering on the online SOLISCA platform. The results are subdivided into scores per type of organism. A distinction is made between quality (favourable and unfavourable organisms) and quantity (number of organisms per gram of soil). You will also receive a score for the ratio between the biomasses of fungi and bacteria in your soil or compost. A more extensive explanation of the scores and what they say about the condition of your soil biology can be found on the scorecard as well. The Soil Life Score Card will provide you with a profound insight into the condition of your soil biology.

Example of the Soil Life Score Card

How does it work?

You can take your soil sample yourself, using our simple step-by-step guide, and send it to us by post. We strive to deliver the results to you within ten working days after delivery of your sample at out location.

To achieve reliable results, we follow strict procedures. The prepared sample is treated and analysed in our laboratory by certified analysts. The results of the analysis will be available for you on our online platform. Detailed descriptions are provided with the results to help you interpret the data.